{Membership 101}

“…What does the Chamber do for me?”

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We often get questions from potential members asking about what exactly it is that we do. We thought we would share with you some of our success stories that we use to answer those questions…

For 2017, we had an overall goal of bringing 12 new businesses on board as Chamber Members. As of October 5, we are proud to note that through a combination of ongoing outreach and in-house grass roots methods, (along with a handful of real-life, word-of-mouth, member referrals added in) we have not only met our initial goal- but we have far-succeeded it, by welcoming 29 new member businesses on board so far this year!!! WOW!

So, it seems that for right now, we have found the right mix of programs and services that are working. We pride ourselves on working towards new ways that we can keep providing our members with a list of annual benefits that they feel good about, and that they can see were meant to help them and their businesses.

If you’re still wondering how this all works, we think it can be summed up in just a few words: Telling Our Members’ Stories.

Here’s a few examples.
1.)     Through our Social Media Snapshots & Member Posts, we can share #MemberNews and #MemberStories by posting news, info, photos and more on our members’ behalf.

This keeps our growing list of fans up-to-date on what is happening in your world. What is the result?

In this case, our Member Post went “Geneva Viral” with more than 17k THOUSAND people seeing the story, 275+ people reacting, & 150 people personally sharing it!

The results for this newly opened downtown business were outstanding.




2.)     The GACoC also works closely with our local media partners to pitch story ideas on behalf of our members! Here are two recent examples of what can happen when we talk to our friends in the industry that are just looking for the next good-news, business-based story to write and get the word out about. {Congrats to Luigi’s Old World Market & Cafe, as well as Beef and Brew, on your recent coverage!}