Interactive Property Inventory

So what is the Interactive Property Inventory Map?

This map was created with the thought of making our available downtown properties visible to interested investors. This map is intended to be an all-inclusive interactive property inventory, showing available space, current businesses, as well as information provided by property owners.

How does it work?

The software includes a cross between Cartodb and ArcGIS, both which take a bit of getting used to. Information is “scraped” from various websites and loaded into an excel spread sheet. Categories can be altered to include certain information that business and property owners would like to be public knowledge, or vice versa. By clicking the double arrow in the top Left corner you will be able to see the different categories of businesses the City of Geneva has. By clicking on a business (represented by circles), you will be able to see which business is which. Clicking on an orange colored parcel will reveal information about the building itself.

Ontario County Parcel Data

The map includes:

Parcel data


Business Improvement District: Downtown businesses, properties, etc.


If you would like to see your property listed please click here for the Property Inventory Form.