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Cornell Hudson Valley Research Laboratory celebrates 100th

For a century, Hudson Valley farmers and growers, Cornell researchers and CALS leadership have partnered in supporting one of New York state’s most important agricultural regions. Their combined vision will continue to drive success for years to come.

In Amish-Chinese partnership, mushrooms are the main ingredient

With help from the Cornell Food Venture Center, New York State Center of Excellence for Food and Agriculture, and Cornell Cooperative Extension, an Amish farmer has solved his financial woes by growing shiitake mushrooms, and an entrepreneur and a chef, both from China, use the mushrooms for a sauce that is now on the market.  Learn more

How Cornell is helping Edenesque grow its plant-based milk empire

Edenesque, a finalist in the 2022 Grow-NY food business competition, is working with the Center of Excellence to scale up the production of its gourmet nut-based milks, which, thanks to help from the Food Venture Center, are creamier than others on the market.

Harvest New York releases manual for NYS hemp growers

Daniela Vergara, a Cornell Cooperative Extension emerging crops specialist, and a team of researchers and students have compiled a manual of best practices for growing hemp, which has the potential to revitalize economies while revolutionizing industries from fiber to pharmaceuticals.

Danielle Heaney: Producing the perfect pickle

Graduate student Danielle Heaney is researching how to make fresher, clean-label pickles with the help of the Food Venture Center and High Pressure Processing Validation Center. Her work recently won first place at the Institute of Food Technologists meeting in Chicago.

High school teachers visit Cornell AgriTech

This month teachers from across the state came to our campus to learn about food and agricultural production from farm to fork as part of  the New York Agriculture in the Classroom program. The goal of the program is to provide teachers with agricultural and food science knowledge that they can share with students.

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Sept. 7 – C0E Coffee, Coaching and Connections

Sept. 14 – Fiber and Grain Hemp Field Day

Nov. 6 – Juice HACCP Certification Course