Member News: Cornell AgriTech to Celebrate 140th Anniversary With Open House

Geneva, NY – Cornell AgriTech, a preeminent center for food and agricultural research in
Geneva, NY will celebrate its 140th anniversary by opening its doors to the public on Aug. 13 from 10am to 3pm. The open house will showcase the campus’ impact on New York’s food
and agricultural industries.

Audiences of all ages are invited to enjoy a variety of interactive science related activities at the
event to learn about the important role science plays in New York food and agricultural
products. Audiences at the event will have the opportunity to do the following (subject to

  • Look through a high powered microscope at New York crop diseases.
  • Check out some creepy crawly insects and learn about their biology.
  • Discover how various food and craft beverage companies produce favorite products deliciously and safely through Cornell AgriTech expertise and innovation.
  • Find out how researchers develop new apple, grape and vegetable varieties.
  • Get insight on what it takes to implement lake friendly lawn care.
  • Peruse the many weeds growing in our area and get some tips and tricks on how to manage them.
  • Enjoy a walking history tour of the Cornell AgriTech campus.
  • Go on tours of research farms and greenhouses
  • Meet some “friendly insects”.
  • Explore the many unique ways to grow vegetables.
  • See some of the tractors we use in our research farm operations.
  • Watch researchers operate drones and robots used to analyze crop health.
  • And much, much more!

Cornell AgriTech’s open house is open to audiences of all ages. Parking is available at Jordan
Hall at 630 North St. Geneva, NY. No registration is required.

For more information please visit out website HERE